The Sturdiest Of iPhone Cases – The Otter Box Defender

What’sbetter than to protect your phone from any external harm? If you are you to purchasing a case/cover for your iPhone 8Plus, then you would be so happy shipment will that we have a perfect deal for you. Speaking of Otter Box , the only quality cover available on the online market outlet such you will be entertained by its link below so you can smoothly got here and proceed to know about further information and buying.

Now talking about the key features and the prize of this specific cover:

This breath-taking cover costs $33.98 in US Dollars. The outstanding features of this defender case are that it is three-layered contributing to protecting your phone from dust, water, and other particles too.  This quality cover has a holster with which you can use it as a belt clip or a hands-free kickstand. The design of this cover gives extreme protection to your phone, exclusively.

It has an inbuilt screen that protects your mobile screen.  Its rugged body will become scratch resistant.  You can enjoy a new mobile experience due to its smooth functionality. It acquires covers on port areas so they can remain as dust-free zones and even with excessive use of ports, there will be less damage in term out entering external particles. It weighs about 5.8 ounces with the dimensions if its body as 6.7 x 3.6 x 0.6 inches. This cover has a limited warranty however it is 100% authentic in every aspect, and you can use it without caring to know about its durability.

Such a great cover comes in different hues such as follow:

Purple nebula of varieties such as Winsome Orchids and Night Purple.

It was initially released on 12 September 2017. Below is the link provided for you to go directly to the cover’s advertisement we discussed above in the blog, from here you can quickly put this amazing cover in the cart, and the shipment will be made soon.

For further query regarding Otter Box Defender also visit the link below.

I hope this article has helped you in knowing about defender series covers for iPhone 8 plus and iPhone 7 plus. It is one of the most beautiful covers outthere that is incredibly captivating, and its users find it very reliable.Don’t miss the chance of buying this fantastic cover. It gives extremeprotection to your phone.  It isthree-layered in structure, and it provides grip while holding.  You can now do heavy work without even caringto protect your phone while this is the protector.

What should you expect in the box? These following things you should expect in the box as:

Belt Clip

I extremely recommend using it. Protect your phone and be care-free. Have a nice day.